June 19, 2011

Aspinal of London is a great store.  Too bad there isn’t anywhere to buy their products in Canada (unless you know of a place… please share!)

I’m in love with this pink travel set.  I feel like it would complete my travel experience! Ever since my California vacation, I’ve grown obsessed with travel gear. I think the next time I decide to hop on a plane and fly somewhere awesome, I will have to factor this into my travel budget!

Another great product they have is their jewelry roll.  Whenever I travel, I am always at a loss on how to organize my jewelry.  I have tried just throwing it in my toiletries bag, putting it in zippered portions of my backpack, and using ziplocks.  But it always gets tangled (or lost, as in the case of my missing tiffany’s necklace my parents got me for my 21rst birthday, which is currently somewhere in San Francisco). 

There are so many other products they carry that I want/need. One day, Aspinal, I will buy you out!

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